Saturday, October 30, 2010

Weekend! (aka seven quick takes a day late)

1)  I love weekends.  The first thing I love about them is that I get to go for a long run with a few girlfriends from 6-8 am.  This might sound crazy, but it has become MY TIME.  Which is so important!

2)  I can't wait to post pictures of the boys in their Indiana Jones costumes, and Kathleen in her pumpkin costume that I wore as a child and my brother and my boys.  It's become a tradition, and my little girl gets her turn -- I'm sad that though -- she's growing too fast.  But it's so fun to see them grow, such a tug-of-war in my heart!

3)  Get to share parenting duties with my darling husband!

4) Kids get a little TV time, which they really enjoy now that we don't leave it on all the time.

5)  Time to prep for school next week.

6)  Might be having Chili for dinner tonight with friends.  Maybe even s'mores over the fire afterward!

7)  Mass on Sunday, MCCW, CCD and down time with the family to cap off the fun!

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