Wednesday, March 14, 2007

When your child says such funny things you laugh so hard you cry...

The munchkin and I were playing playdoh this afternoon, a pretty benign activity - except - is it weird that it makes me edgy that he totally mixed the green and yellow? Anyway, moving on, I took off my wedding rings to roll a ball for him. He had to go check out my rings and commented that they were "very pretty, mom", and proceeded to ask me where I got them (dad gave them to me) and that he wanted some. I told him that someday he might meet a girl he really liked a lot and he could buy her some pretty rings, and maybe she'd buy him one too. He said (and I promise I did not make this up), "OK, I like girls, but sometimes they get mad!" Out of the mouths of babes!! He is so wise, and only 3 years old - I think we're in for it!

And while I'm on the subject of hilarious things munchkin said, here's another gem: I am getting into the shower on Sunday morning, and munchkin closes the two doors out of the bathroom (one to the bedroom and the other to the closet). He says, "Look mom, we can't get out", and I respond that "oh, we'll have to climb out the (second story) window..." and he responds, "Oh no, mom, that would be very dangerous!" Again, where do they learn these things? So funny. Of course maybe it's just because we can actually hear him say these things with a perfectly straight face. Anyway, I think the upshot of all of this is that munchkins are much more perceptive and intelligent than they look, so WATCH OUT! Oh right, and don't swear, EVER, they WILL HEAR YOU!!!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Learning to use the potty, part 10,642...

So, we've completed the transition, VERY much to my surprise. Which is exactly how everyone told me it would be. A week and a half ago on Saturday, I decided to dress David with nothing underneath. The idea came from David himself. In the mornings, he always takes off his diaper because "Ew, it's wet, Mommy" and goes potty reliably in the potty until I dress him in his clothes with either underwear or a pull-up underneath. I finally got the clue. He WILL NOT poop in his pants if there isn't anything underneath - he always asks for a pull-up during that morning period.

He didn't go #2

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Desperate Housewives of Westover Valley

I feel as though I've entered the TV show Desperate Housewives (except without the cheating or suicide or alcoholism, OK, so maybe it's not all that similar...). Anyway. Here's your characters: Me, the chatty woman with few secrets married to an MD, Alicia the smart witty one with the smart witty hubby, Alex the stubborn earthmother with Mr. Corporate finance guru, Candace, the all around nice one who's a part-time nurse with the genius child and distant husband, Sandy, the quiet one who used to teach college ESL and the foreign husband. Picture suburban South Texas, none of us with family nearby, all with busy toddlers.

As a general rule, we get along fine, until I open my mouth, and my storyline during the episode would go something like this: I get home from a holiday trip to find a message on my answering machine that tells me that Candace is no longer having her son's third birthday party on Sunday night (it's late Monday). Instead we're going to the minor league hockey game on Saturday. They have a luxury box with 16 tickets. I assume this is the new venue for the birthday party. I see Candace briefly the next evening, and she tells me that she has to buy one extra ticket so that Sandy and her husband can come.

The next morning, Candace calls to tell me that we, the MD and I and our son will be carpooling with Sandy, her husband and their son. Great - no problem. At this point, I am still working under the assumption that this is a birthday party. Alicia calls me later that afternoon and we are chit-chatting. I ask, "Hey, are you going to the birthday party on Saturday?" She says she hasn't heard anything about it, but that Sandy had asked her the same thing and they'd had the same awkward moment. We are both confused, and so I say that I can't think of any reason why she wouldn't be invited, and I'll call Candace to see what's up.

I leave a message for Candace who calls me back that evening to say that it isn't a birthday party at all, that they've nixed the party period. These tickets are not all for neighborhood people, but that her husband has invited most of the people and given her a specific number of people she could invite, and told her who was and was not permitted. I feel terrible that I've said anything, but pointed out that I had no indication that it was not just a change of venue for the party. She said yes, she and hubby would figure something out.

I get another call later. It's Candace telling me that she came clean about the non-party game to Alicia, and she wasn't offended (I didn't figure she would be), but she does open the conversation with, "So, if Alicia hates me, I can blame you, right? I don't actually think she cares, but if it were Alex, she'd never speak to me again". Well, am I responsible? I don't really think so, it was never apparent to me that this was not still a birthday party in a different location, and it turns out the only reason Sandy was invited was because she had already bought a present for the birthday boy...

I'm confused. And, I don't think Alex would be mad at all, I'm sure Alicia doesn't care either and won't hate Candace. The whole thing is weird, and I can't help feeling 100% responsible. I'm sure nobody cares, and things will be better tomorrow, but I still feel like an idiot that I opened my big fat mouth. It's just impossible, when people see and talk to each other as often as we do, to have something where more than one family is invited, but not all. I don't know. I guess that's just me.

P.S. Interweb - there will be a new baby boy to write about in here come mid-May!! More on that later!