Monday, October 25, 2010

Beautiful lazy day!

The local school district is off school today, but we did school anyway on a much relaxed schedule.  We went on a nature hike that was a bit boring since we had planned to look for animal tracks and owl pellets, but the leaves got in the way -- DUH to me!  Our hike was awesome for weather -- slightly overcast and breezy.  The three kids and I trekked down into the woods behind the house and enjoyed the crunch of leaves beneath our feet.  We did see several nuts foraged by squirrels (probably).  I'm always impressed that those little animals can get those tough shells off.   Then we made a bird feeder out of three milk cartons.  Tomorrow we'll finish it off with some paint and seed, then hang it somewhere David determines.  I'll post pics.  We're enjoying the Fall section of Mr. Crinkleroot's Almanac.  Tomorrow we'll also be working on a leaf book.

This weekend was relaxing -- we didn't go anywhere interesting AT ALL.  The hubby and a friend have been working on a built in bookcase to help manage the many toys and books that accumulate on our family room floor, hopefully we'll be painting that by next weekend -- I've been planning this project for almost a year, so I'm ready for some completion!  If I'm lucky there will even be a shelf for all David's school books!

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