Friday, November 04, 2011

--- 1 ---
I'm frustrated that Chapel collections haven't allowed our Catholic womens' group to maintain our current schedule and childcare without a lot of strife. I don't really want to overcome things, but I suppose we're going to have to, and the changes are going to be ongoing for the next few months. Man, change is not easy.
--- 2 ---
How cool is this deck and children's play area? In my someday house... a friend of mine has a more simple idea of this at her house already, but not so beautifully executed.
--- 3 ---
We tried these sweet potato fries the other night minus the dip they suggested... due to a lack of sriracha. They turned out OK, but next time I need to use about half the cornstarch. Also, apple butter was a perfectly acceptable dip substitute, especially for my children!
--- 4 ---
Deployment is nearing an end, YAY!!
--- 5 ---
But my husband is going to come home looking HOT! I'm feeling slightly self conscious -- and I didn't expect that.
--- 6 ---
Over on Conversion Diary, Jennifer actually wrote about reusable toilet paper, and suggested that those of us who use cloth diapers might know something about it or be more likely to consider it... WELLLLLLL... I cloth diaper, BUT I use disposable wipes. I know, I'm half a**ing it, but I'm OK with that, and the idea of washing diaper-like laundry indefintely does not appeal. AT ALL. I'll be a latecomer to that bandwagon, if I ever get on it!
--- 7 ---
I cannot seem to find pants that fit my 7 year old. We've mainly tried Walmart, since it's the only option that's close and the PX has NOTHING in his size(s). It doesn't help that he's in between an 8 and a 10. Turns out that it's a big gap between those sizes! So we're off to the mall, 90 minutes away this weekend... Ahhhh, country living.
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