Friday, October 31, 2008

What we've been doing...

Well, Jack had his first haircut, so people who tell me what a pretty girl he is anymore! Also, Shelly will not be shaving Jack's head tomorrow -- which he was threatening to do if I didn't have his hair cut. Jack has also had a vocabulary explosion over the last few weeks. He now not only says names (Mama, Dada, David, Tilly, Doggie), but he says pretty much everything you tell him to, unless he is not in the mood, and then he just says "no" (picture vigorous head shaking). So far we've had poop, cow, moo, baa, quack, duck, puppy, baby (which is applied to any child whether they're larger or not:), nose, eyes, ears, mouth, tummy (all of which he points to as he says them).

David now can identify and tell the sound of most letters in the alphabet, which makes me think we are very close to reading basic words!!! Yea! David is also NOT scared of Halloween this year. He has worn his costume several times without a problem, WITH THE MASK!! (he is being Optimus Prime from the Transformers). He has also watched every preschool cartoon show's Halloween special, and I asked him if they were scary or silly, and he said silly!! Yea! Huge progress for David.

ALSO, David has just completed his first soccer season! They lost most of their games (except for two towards the end of the season), but there was marked improvement over the eight weeks. He usually played goalie for one quarter of every game, something about which Shelly was immensely excited!

Shelly had about 3 months in the Fall where he was home every weekend, but now we are about two weeks into 8 weeks of away rotations in Dallas and Corpus Christi.

I have started work on the golf tournament (held in April), and we've had a couple of donations so far. I've still got TONS of work to do to pin down some serious donors. I'm sure that's going to keep me very busy through the next 5 months, so if updates here are sporadic, or pictures only, you'll know why! These pictures are the four of us at Love Creek Orchards, a fun pumpkin patch in Medina, TX that we visited a few weeks ago -- we had a blast and got to taste VERY fresh unpasteurized cider. IT WAS GREAT. If Medina weren't an hour away, I'd buy it all the time! It tastes like eating an apple! I'll post some soccer pics soon!

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