Friday, April 18, 2008

Kids say the darndest things
OK, so I think I spelled darndest wrong.  Not going to fix that, although it would probably have been faster than typing all this...

Anyway.  Yesterday, while Jack was napping, David asked me to read him a favorite book:  The Berenstain Bears and the Week at Grandma's.  We've read this book approximately four billion times, however, he took note of something new.  At one point Brother and Sister bear comment that Gramps and Gran are "sort of... old" and so David asked why were they old.  I told him they were just older than Mama and Papa Bear and so the cubs thought they were old.  

This did not satisfy, so I then asked him if he thought GranGran and PawPaw (my parents) were old.  He said "no, but Granny (Shelly's grandmother) is old".  I asked why he thought this, and he didn't have an answer, so I asked him if it was because her hair was gray, and he looked at me with wonder and said "yeah".  For no particular reason, I told him that he would never think that GranGran was old then, because she'd probably never have gray hair.  David asked "why", and I told him that she colored it, and his response...

"Does she color it with CHOCOLATE?"  

This produced major laughter from me.  And him.  Although he clearly did not get why this was so funny.  And honestly, the funny was magnified by the fact that GranGran's hair is not brown.  It is decidedly blond.  This does, however, hearken back to an incident about a year ago when David was insistent that I purchase brown eggs instead of white.  The next morning, he INSISTED that I cook him a brown egg, and was subsequently quite upset that the yellow of the egg was still yellow, not CHOCOLATE!  Child logic is SO AWESOME!

Oh, and Jack can wave...  and dance...  both with serious gusto!

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