Wednesday, March 14, 2007

When your child says such funny things you laugh so hard you cry...

The munchkin and I were playing playdoh this afternoon, a pretty benign activity - except - is it weird that it makes me edgy that he totally mixed the green and yellow? Anyway, moving on, I took off my wedding rings to roll a ball for him. He had to go check out my rings and commented that they were "very pretty, mom", and proceeded to ask me where I got them (dad gave them to me) and that he wanted some. I told him that someday he might meet a girl he really liked a lot and he could buy her some pretty rings, and maybe she'd buy him one too. He said (and I promise I did not make this up), "OK, I like girls, but sometimes they get mad!" Out of the mouths of babes!! He is so wise, and only 3 years old - I think we're in for it!

And while I'm on the subject of hilarious things munchkin said, here's another gem: I am getting into the shower on Sunday morning, and munchkin closes the two doors out of the bathroom (one to the bedroom and the other to the closet). He says, "Look mom, we can't get out", and I respond that "oh, we'll have to climb out the (second story) window..." and he responds, "Oh no, mom, that would be very dangerous!" Again, where do they learn these things? So funny. Of course maybe it's just because we can actually hear him say these things with a perfectly straight face. Anyway, I think the upshot of all of this is that munchkins are much more perceptive and intelligent than they look, so WATCH OUT! Oh right, and don't swear, EVER, they WILL HEAR YOU!!!

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