Saturday, September 23, 2006

What we've been up to...
Just so everyone knows, David is watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse this morning, instead of Dragon Tales (like in the picture) in order for his delinquent mommy to write this blog! However, he just demonstrated that he knows the shape "heart" so I will maintain that he is gaining a vast knowledge of the world from the Disney channel.

Now, we've been busy lately, but unfortunately it has been spent cleaning poop out of underwear. I am practically gagging just thinking about it. So, David is in pull-ups. For all you nay-sayers who say NEVER put him in anything but underwear, he still pees in the potty, but the poo clean-up is considerably less revolting. And the added bonus is that I don't feel the urge to strangle him with the underwear when he has an accident. Also, if he pooped ONCE a day, I would probably not feel this way, however, he pooped 5, yes, FIVE, times yesterday. At least he's regular, right?

In other news, we had friends over last night for homemade pizza and game night. One of the two couples had to leave before the games began, but Christie, Jason, Shelly and I had a BLAST playing Cranium after we got the boys down for the night. Shelly and I hadn't played Cranium before (yeah, I know that's unbelieveable), but we are officially hooked. It is REALLY entertaining. Especially when you get to watch your neighbor and your hubby jump and do the same identical Bionic Man imitation, complete with sound effects. Jason and I both thought if it wasn't Bionic Man then it would be Chariots of Fire (picture running in Slo-mo). Really. It was funny.

I guess we don't sound too busy... I do have a new doula client though. (OK, so I'm a doula, which means that I am a constant companion for women in labor - I do pre-lim childbirth ed. if needed, provide companionship and physical/emotional support during the birth, and breastfeeding help after) My client is VERY young, though she shows uncommon maturity. I'm meeting with her every Thursday at her school, and going to childbirth education class with her every Thursday night. So, that has been somewhat time consuming, but also rewarding.

And today, I have to make brownies and take them to Ft. Sam Houston for a little shindig they're having for the new interns. Wow, am I glad we aren't in internship anymore. Shelly likes his job so much more now, and it's just so nice not to be the new people anymore.

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