Monday, September 11, 2006

So, finding time for this blogging thing has not been as easy as I thought it would be. However, television has now allowed me the time, by breaking the no more than one hour of TV at a time rule. I totally thought it would be easy to stick by that rule. HA. The joke is definitely on me. And honestly, he seems to learn more in 30 minutes from the TV than from me in a week. Or a year... I mean we've been trying to teach colors for FOREVER, and a few episodes of Bob the Builder later and he knows exactly what color Dizzy is (orange), and can tell me that the ghetto fabulous car out the van window is, in fact, the same color as Dizzy. What the heck?

Additionally, we have exciting news in the royal court of this Larva Queen (no I'm not pregnant): David pooped in the potty. Seriously, after cleaning poop out of underwear for two and a half weeks, he finally went poop in the toilet. The only problem is... he did it for Shelly. Which means there is no guarantee he will do it again today... for me. Pray for me - the poop in the diaper is one thing, the poop in the underwear is a giant challenge for my patience and sanity!!

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