Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cute little boys just can't be beat!

Again, it has been far too long since I have posted here, and we've done a LOT of things.  Most importantly, Jack is now walking, and even attempting running!  I am so proud and it is SO funny to watch.  He's got quite a belly on him, so he looks sort of like a pregnant woman.  He had been almost walking for so long, just holding on to things, and he pretty much crossed the threshold the second we got to KY on 5/21.  I now get to chase him all over God's creation, and I am NOT kidding.  Today I took them to Barnes and Noble (i.e. the "train store" -- wander into the children's area of your nearest B&N, and you'll see what I mean) and ended up having to leave after only about 10 minutes, since we were about to have the front doors of the store locked since I had already lost Jack!  Thankfully, he reappeared, and that was unnecessary.  But the point is that walking has been a mixed blessing.

As for David, he is still as cute as ever.  He is having a rough time, though, with being a brother.  Since Jack is more active and more interested in toys (and can get to them more quickly), David's toys have become coveted playthings for Jack.  Usually, Jack will grab some toy of David's, David will realize and come over and snatch it out of Jack's hands.  Frequently, David follows this with some kind of hitting/punching/knocking over of his clearly insolent smaller sibling.  So, David gets punished, A LOT.  We have had several conversations about this, and it is slowly improving, but I did spend some time tonight, showing David (by going through the events of our day) that I don't dislike him, or like Jack more, in fact, I choose to do a bunch more things that are fun for David than for Jack.  But you know, I think that this might last a while, so I am preparing for a long haul with this thing.

However.  David now says the funniest thing:  "it just popped into my head to..."  you fill in any old 4 year old activity - petting the dog, building an airport in the backyard (!), making a lego city...  It's so hilarious to hear him say this, and tonight he made it even better by telling me that the idea (I don't even remember what this idea was) went into his toe and shot like a rocket up his leg and through his tummy and just popped into his head.  Gotta love the graphic description.  Now, I know that he learned this particular phrase from me, so every time I say that I am going to be picturing how it came in through my toe and shot up through my body to get to my head.  Interesting to say the least!  

Well, that's all for now, I think Bedtime is in order for me!  PS the picture is from Jack's first birthday when we celebrated in KY

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Sarah said...

Oh my lord, that is completely adorable! I think next time something pops in my head I'm going to describe the entire journey to Nicholas.