Sunday, October 08, 2006

Not feeling quite so desperate...

Thank God, because HELLO, I sounded kinda scary last night. I am thinking one of my girlfriends even tried to call me at midnight, after reading it. But by midnight I'd been asleep for at least an hour (also, THANK GOD). I am still totally exhausted today, but I couldn't nap - I kept thinking that there is laundry waiting and a client's empty chart needing updating. That's what I ended up doing, along with watching the only two episodes of Project Runway that I hadn't seen yet - so I'm still feeling tired, but accomplished!

Anyway, today has been quite a bit more cheery. Big plus - Husband is OFF tomorrow. Yea military and weird postal holidays like Columbus Day! I think we'll go to the zoo (read: the train outside the zoo, everything else is optional), and tonight we are totally going out for dinner. This is way against my rules, I mean this will be the, like, fourth time eating out since lunch on Friday, but I think I deserve a night off after yesterday. And nothing we have sounds good to me, especially leftovers, which is definitely all I'm up to fixing.

I think David got the hint last night. Namely, that if he doesn't be more cooperative, mommy will lose her marbles and have to be committed and not be able to give hugs and read books anymore. So today he has been a little angel. We've played trains and colored and even gone to church without incident. AND he's not even watching TV so I can blog - he's looking through all the Christmas toy catalogs we got in the mail the other day. He's also circling the things he likes (I taught him that). I think this is a genius way to figure out what to get, and I can even make him a wish list and email it to the fam. GENIUS. The best part of all this, though, is two-fold. 1) he yells out "Mommy, I need that _______" (which is airport at the moment) about every 12 seconds (wait a minute, AIRPORT? - oh it's called "jumbo jet playset"), and 2) when he sits on the potty he TAKES THE CATALOGS WITH HIM!! Clearly, men are born with that gene.

NOTE: Even though he takes the catalogs, he still does not actually poop in the toilet. When he claims he's done, I put on a pull-up and he goes in the family room, crouches between the chair and ottoman and poops, of course still with catalogs in hand.

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